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Feeding your pet rabbit

Rabbit with overgrown teeth

Rabbit with overgrown teeth

One of the commonest problems we see with rabbits is related to their teeth. This can often be diet related, so what is the correct diet to feed?

Hay, meadow grass and vegetables, with a small amount of pelleted rabbit food. As a rough guide timothy based hay mixed with other hay should be offered ad lib, 1 cup of varied vegetables and or edible plants, and 25gms of a pelleted (not muesli) commercial diet per kg body weight (1 tablespoon 2x daily for an average 2.5kg adult rabbit).


Rabbit teeth, unlike ours, grow continuously, and wear down during the grinding and chewing of grass and hay. If rabbits eat only commercial rabbit food, they will not wear down their teeth correctly and are much more likely to develop dental problems.


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