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Killer Snails and Slugs

Dogs can pick up a dangerous disease from slugs and snails in your garden, called lungworm or angiostrongylus. It is being spread by foxes to the slugs or snails and if your dog eats a slug or snail, or even licks the slug trail it can pick up the disease, which can cause severe bleeding , and even death.

Vet Matthew Wilson comments ” We are seeing more cases of this dangerous disease each year in Hounslow,¬† as foxes are very common in our region.¬† Young dogs and certain breeds such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers are infected most commonly.”

You can protect your pet from this potentially deadly disease with a monthly spot on application of Advocate, which is a vial of liquid that is poured on the back of your dogs neck once a month. This is a prescription only medicine that can be purchased from your vet and is dispensed according to the weight of your dog.


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