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Stray cat needs caesarian to give birth to 4 kittens

ultrsound scan of a kitten


Nala was a stray cat bought into us at the beginning of July. She is such a lovely girl, very affectionate and purrs every time someone strokes her. We then came to notice that Nala was looking rather round…and pregnant!

After an examination with Mr Young, he confirmed that she was indeed pregnant and was due anyday.

Then after a couple of week Nala gave birth to 4 healthy kittens (2 boys and 2 girls) by caesarean, with the help of the Ealing team!

Then at three weeks old the kitten and mum came down with cat flu. So all the nurse’s helped them by giving antibiotics and lots of TLC. After a week they were well on the mend.

They have all gone off now to new homes- we wish them well.


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