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Why do we get flea problems in November ?



We have seen many cases of flea allergy related skin problems, in both cats and dogs in the last few weeks. Many people think that as it gets colder, fleas become less of a problem. However we tend to see more flea related problems, at this time of the year. This is because when you turn your heating on in the cold weather, any flea eggs that are in the carpets will suddenly hatch out and cause problems.  One flea can lay hundreds of microscopic eggs, and they can lay dormant and then  hatch out months later. Cat fleas will happily bite dogs and vice versa !

We also see many flea problems despite people using a variety of flea products. In many cases it is because the flea products are not potent enough to kill all the fleas.  If only a few fleas are not killed, as mentioned above they can lay hundreds of eggs and an infestation can quickly arise.

Our recommendations of effective spot on treatments  products are Stronghold, Advocate or Advantage.   It is important to also treat the house, with a product that lasts at least 6 months. Nothing kills the eggs, it is only when they hatch into microscopic larvae that they are killed, and as they can lay dormant for upto 6 months a long lasting household spray is needed.

Don’t forget also that fleas can transmit tapeworm, so regular worm treatment is needed also.

It makes you itchy just thinking about it !!


See for more information about fleas including some great pictures and video.


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