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A cute Maine Coon kitten for his vaccinations


This is Barrie a 10 week old Maine Coon kitten in for his first vaccinations. Kitten vaccinations are normally given at 9 and 12 weeks of age, and protect against cat flu ( herpes and calicivirus) enteritis ( a potentially fatal form of diarrhoea) and leukaemia. Maine Coons are the original American farm cat, and males can grow to 9kg , double the size of the average cat, taking 3-4 years to finish growing (normal domestic short haired cats -moggies- will be fully grown by around 10 months). They also have an unusual voice, instead of meowing they make an unusual chirp sound. Barrie is already about twice the weight of a typical kitten his age. We think he’s got very fetching ‘feathers” on his ears.


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